Intention Port

Intention Port, 2017. Freedom Baird

Intention Port, 2017. Living glossy-leaved buckthorn saplings, nylon cord. 5′ diameter x 40′ length. Installed at the Open Land Foundation’s Beals Preserve, Southborough, MA, for the Art on the Trails: Finding Solace in the Woods exhibition organized by artist Catherine Weber, curated by Mary M. Tinti. Plein air poems about the works, authored by area poets, along with photographs of the installations, have been combined into a chapbook available online as a PDF, and in print on Amazon.

Production images:

Intention Port - installation 01

Putting down tarps over poison ivy ground cover


Intention Port - installation 02

Marking a straight line from the piece to the trail with small pieces of yellow felt. Starting to shape the port by tying back the saplings.


Intention Port - installation 03

Creating the form by clustering and tying the saplings.  Glossy-leaved buckthorn is an invasive species in Massachusetts.


Intention Port - installation 04


Intention Port - installation 05

Finished piece, early in the summer. View from the trail

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