Graft, 2017. Freedom Baird

Graft, 2017. Living oak tree, dead ash tree trunk, latex and acrylic paint, acrylic bead blanks, plywood, 4x4s, plastic sheeting, moss. Installed at Old Frog Pond Farm and Studio, Harvard, MA, for the Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit.


Graft, 2017, close-up. Freedom Baird

Close-up of one of the knots.


Graft, 2017, base of the work. Freedom Baird

View of base of the work, which stands in the hollow side of a twin pair of oak trees (one died).


Graft, 2017, full view on the Old Frog Pond Farm sculpture trail. Freedom Baird

Full view of Graft on the Old Frog Pond Farm sculpture trail, 2017.

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