Slow Plastic Dinnerware

Slow Plastic - Freedom Baird
Skim Milk Dinnerware
, 2016. Synthesized from skim milk, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. From a 1906 recipe demonstrated on YouTube by British chemist Robert Murray Smith.

milk spoon bowl BEST 800w

Whole Milk Bowl and Spoon, 2016. Synthesized from whole milk, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol.

banana bowl tapioca spoon IMG_0822
Banana Peel Starch Bowl and Tapioca Starch Spoon Infused with Vanilla Bean
, 2016. Banana starch plastic invented by Turkish high school student Elif Bilgin. Tapioca starch plastic recipes from and the Seattle 5 Project. I added the vanilla beans, inspired by Maayan Pesach’s investigations.

milk plastic prep 800h

Slow Plastic process: Heat milk to near boiling, add vinegar to separate curds and whey. Wash curds in hot water then rubbing alcohol while kneading. Resulting material is casein plastic. Shape over forms or in molds. Let cure for one week. Demonstration is here.

milk and cheerios in the milk plastic dishes

Eating cereal and milk using home-made milk plastic bowl and spoon. Photo by Eddie Rath, January 2016.

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